About Us

The Arizona American Indian Tourism Association (AAITA) is a statewide, nonprofit 501(c) 3 membership organization established in 1994. Overseen by a nine member board, AAITA involves Native businesses and professionals as members, who voluntarily work together to increase tourism on Arizona Indian communities.  The organization targets the 22 Native American tribes in Arizona. AAITA also hosts festivals promoting Arizona’s 22 tribes and tourism in Indian country, speakers on tourism issues, and assists Native American people in effective networking.

The AAITA provides limited eco-tourism development assistance and training, and information on ecological and heritage tourism.

“To promote the development of Indian Tourism in Arizona while respecting the cultural integrity of the tribes.”

The AAITA organization is organized to be operated as a nonprofit corporation solely and exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes; specifically:
• To promote environmentally acceptable, culturally appropriate, and economically sustainable tourism programs as defined by the local level;
• To provide a visionary and leadership role for Native American Indian Community in the development and management of tourism programs;
• To develop and provide educational materials and programs to visitors and Indian communities;
• To assist tribes and communities in the formulation of tourism policies;
• To sponsor, facilitate, and offer support to other organizations that promote linkage among tribes, tourism attractions, local communities and agencies;
• Promote quality hospitality and visitor resources while prioritizing preservation and enhancement of Native American culture for future generations;
• Seek funding resources, develop marketing strategies, and help communities to use tourism as a tool to revitalize culture, improve local quality of life and provide empowerment opportunities to the Indian Communities.


Skeg Tas (Good Day, O’odham Welcome),

Whether visiting for the first time or returning, Welcome to Arizona!

Arizona has an abundance of beautiful scenery and Native landscapes. With breathtaking views of Canyons, Deserts, and Mountains, the Arizona landscape is truly history in the making. 

To the Native people of Arizona this landscape is more than a great Southwest destination; it’s a way of living and celebrating the many cultures and heritage that is Arizona.

In celebration of Arizona’s Centennial year, our Native people would like to share what our Arizona has to offer. Take another look at Arizona; Back-packing the Grand Canyon to Havasupai Falls, a jeep tour of Canyon de Chelly, Mountain biking through the White Mountains, or visiting the Museums of Indian Country. It’s all here waiting for you.

Come and enjoy Native Arizona. Embrace the Culture and awaken all your senses.

Thank you for having an interest and on behalf of the Arizona American Indian Tourism Association,
Safe travels,

Blessing McAnlis-Vasquez,
AAITA President